How to successfully with Melbet betting site in india.

How does Melbet betting affiliates program?

Earn decent commission by referring fellows and visitors to popular gaming brands with Melbet Betting Bookies in india affiliates.

It was founded in 2006 and a now a fast-growing program. This site developed leading partnerships with brands in Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand,


  • Marketing tools are effective
  • Lack of carryover
  • Revenue share is 40%
  • Casino products are of top-notch
  • Reliable and comprehensive statistics
  • US players can’t move it

As Melbet is the best affiliate program, that makes it easy for this site to find customers.

An extensive range of gaming products like slot, live, Online casino, sportsbooks, lottery, and more are providing by Asia’s best online betting company Melbet.

Melbet is partnering with gaming platforms like Bet soft, Gold, Playtech, dragon quiet, gameplay, WM casino, and many more to offer the best experience to all members.

This site promotes hundreds of brands in Asia. Stop wondering! this site is a registered and licensed website or brand available in different countries, including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and more.


Let’s join Melbet Program as a member :

  • Follow few steps to get membership of Melbet affiliate, which is free to join as well
  • Take the initial action by visiting the official site
  • Perform the live chat or telegram with the support team
  • An affiliate ID issued you provides you access to banners, text links, resources to add, and marketing tools.
  • Create an affiliate account!

Nice completing the registration form go sign up. Then you will get an acceptance letter or mail from a support representative within three days.

Once you get approved, you will receive an email affiliate ID.

Melbet Marketing Place

Melbet makes it easy to find customers for their affiliates. You can reach potential players through different ways includes:

  • Sharing links on social media platforms
  • Website sharing along with links in different format
  • YouTube promotions and ads
  • Referring to a friend, interested I betting

Melbet Products:


Punters can shop live betting lines and modules through different sportsbook features to get a broad range of games.

You can get coverage of 30K live matches, limits and odds,

live streaming, best rebates on sports, and W-sport provided by Melbet online betting.

Live Casino

Without downloading the casino, client Melbet is offering incredible gaming knowledge to enjoy the best games like roulette,

dragon, and other exciting tiles. You can high cash rebates with the best value and multi-level limits.


Without making downloads, players can enjoy their favorite slots by selecting from a wide selection of games in Melbet. Even from your mobile device, you can perform. The latest places not only allow you to join tournaments for bigger prizes also a chance to win jackpots.


Interactive games like treasure leopard, western journey, fishing mermaid, and racing queens are available to select.